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I just love well-presented food. Something about clean lines and garnishes make me excited to tear into a yummy-looking treat. Don't get me wrong, sometimes abstract and messy can look very cool, and taste even better, but I like to make something home-made -- say, deviled eggs, twice-baked potatoes, pies, cakes or cupcakes -- and give them a professional-looking finish. I have a few tools that make it all happen, so today they are featured as my FAB FINDS, and quite frankly, I couldn't cook without them.

First on the list, the Decorator (or decorator pump, it has many names). My mom gave me the one from The Pampered Chef a few years ago, and I will never again make my signature deviled eggs without this wonderful contraption. It actually makes the process quicker, cleaner, and you are sure to get the right amount of filling in each egg.

I also use this tool for icing cupcakes or filling twice-baked potatoes. You just need to be sure to use the right tip. A wider decorating tip allows the thicker filling (eggs, potatoes) to not get clogged. Some come with very cool tips too, so you can go nuts when decorating cookies or cupcakes.

And next, we have a tool that I have only recently discovered at a trip to Sur La Table, the Squeeze Decorator Bottles. I don't know about you, but these things totally remind me of the puff-paint I used as a kid to decorate my Keds or my sweatshirts with neon paint. They were perfect for writing and doodling and stuff. Anyways, I think this is a great concept for decorating cookies and the such, especially when you need several colors or smaller quantities. Who wants to waste an icing bag on a few tbs of icing? These little bottles are popping up everywhere, and I am going to buy them the next chance I get (especially after decorating those sugar cookies a few weeks ago).

So no matter which item you choose (I would choose both!), you will be sure to have amazing-looking dishes that everyone will want to try.  


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  1. I love this, so cute! Gotta love Pampered Chef :)