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My husband and I (along with about a half dozen other friends/family) have signed up to participate in the Rodeo Run 5k or 10k this weekend in downtown Houston. We have been working on successfully completing the 6 mile trek, without passing out, and are doing quite well in our training efforts if I do say so myself (for a bunch of non-runners). My husband went and bought new Nikes for the event a few months ago and has been telling me that I need to go get some new running shoes (I am notorious for keeping my running shoes for years...I dont like change). I am by nature a Nike girl, committed ever since I bought my first pair of Nike Shocks in 2003. They seemed to be the only shoes that gave me support with all my knee problems. Plus, they looked super cute too :) I have been running in my other pair of Nikes and they are horrible, so yesterday I caved and went to Luke's Locker to get fitted and tested for good running shoes. That was quite an experience! They check out your foot, watch you walk and run, fit you in several shoes, and make you walk/run again all until you are matched with your perfect pair.

I have always thought that Asics were a runner's best bud, but I tried on Mizunos, Sauconys and a few others and ended up getting these by Mizuno, and love them!

I also got the Nike + Plus piece for my iPod, so that I could track my miles, calories, etc. I really enjoy having it because I am the kind of runner that needs some motivational points. Having a voice come over my workout jam telling me "You have reached 3 miles at a pace of...", that motivates me to keep going. To me, there is nothing worse than running aimlessly through our neighborhood, without any real indication of distance, so I can go home and say to my husband "I ran like 5 miles today. Must have been, it was hard" and then he looks at mapmyrun.com (which is great by the way) only to find that I ran 3.5 miles or whatever :( So that did it for me - I bought the Nike + Plus and it is great motivation and encouragement. And since I do not have Nikes now, I bought a little pouch that goes on my shoelaces that holds the censor, so now I have the best of both worlds!

I will be sure to let you know how we do this weekend, although I am really just hoping to finish :)


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