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A License for Registration

As I mentioned before, many of my friends are taking the plunge, gettin' hitched, tying the knot (hehe). I love hearing about all of the festivities and the mile-long to-do lists, but my favorite part is the registering! I always want to know what people registered for and what they want to get the most. I think it is so much fun--binge shopping for everything you want, and then walking away without having to buy it all. Eh, who cares if you don't get any of it (well, maybe ya few pieces....?). Really though, we are still so grateful for our wedding gifts, and every time I use something we received, I remember who got it for us, and it makes me smile. I'm not kidding--every time I use it :) Go ahead...Quiz me! Allison and Loo - artisan cake stand, Linds - quiche dish, Carolyn and Rick - amazing wooden salad bowl, Matt and Jo - bath towels ...See! I do remember :) And no, I am not referencing a gift list!

I smile REALLY big when I use an item that I love though, you know, those items that you can't wait to register for and then can't wait to get once you do register for them?! If I had to recommend one item for my engaged friends to register for, I would laugh and recommend 10! Here is my list of the top ten things we use from our registry, or for better or worse, I couldn't imaging living without!

10. CorningWare Portable Oblong Dish (Thanks, Shannon!) 9. Red Wine Glass, mine are cobalt blue (Thanks, Myers Fam!) 8. Craftsman Cordless Drill (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Dill!) 7. Staccatto Everyday Ware from Crate and Barrel (Thanks again, Myers'!) 6. Cuisinart Griddler (Thanks various giftcard and cash givers!) 5. Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker (Thanks John & Florence Duty!) 4. Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor (Thanks, Janan and Bob Kline!) 3. OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring Cups (Thanks co-worker Alan!) 2.  Lenox Pearl Platinum China (Too many people to mention - Rach/Molly, Aunt Millie, and many more) 1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Red (Thanks again, Dill Grandparents! This is my absolute FAVE!)

Told ya! I could go at this all day!


Cross My Heart

There is something about a cross-body bag that just speaks to me -- the hands-free functionality and casualness of it all. I originally started searching for a good cross-body bag for toting my camera gear, here, but man was I surprised at all of the cute designs available--from high to low! Summer time is perfect for this style and I just love all of these bags (some more affordable than other others!).Aren't they great? I will take one of each, please!