Hobby...or Obsession?

A hobby is defined as "an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation." Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes {stamp collecting / blogging / building model airplanes? flying airplanes...?}, genres {scrapbooking / sewing / sports / games} and financial obligations {shopping / cooking / collecting shoes, to name a few!}.

I suppose I have a few hobbies, but by definition {...pleaseure ...relaxation}, I guess I really only have one - taking pictures. I love my camera and I love snapping pictures. I think those who know me are very aware of that. I guess taking pictures has really always been a hobby, but I have gotten pretty obsessed serious about it over the past few years {landmark moment - studying abroad and traveling through Spain and to Rome made for some amazing photo opportunities}. Now, some of my favorite subjects to capture on 'film' are my pup Tess, my nephew Jackson, the Texas landscape, flowers, food, and old buildings. I suppose that last one carried over from the Europe trip...

A hobby often requires one to spend some money {sometimes lots of money} to continue to pursue their hobby, and photography is certainly no exception. I have tried very hard to search for deals on lenses, filters, etc. etc., so it hasn't completely taken over my bank account, but the great thing about photography is that with the push toward digital, it has become more feasible for us non-professionals to obtain tools and gadgets that allow for some great photos, and a very satisfying hobby.

I love that you can now buy trendy camera bags, straps, and lenscap holders. And I LOVE that there are so many people in the blog/internet world that are willing to share tips and tricks on photography and editing photos in Photoshop {the program I use}. It makes my hobby a lot more doable, less stressful, and enjoyable. If any of you love taking pictures as much as I do, or even at all, here are some resources that I use to maintain my obsession hobby.

This new camera strap I got for my Canon DSLR {love it!} makes snapping pics more comfortable {padding}, functional {lenscap holder built in}, and trendy {just look at this fun pattern}. Unfortunately, I did not see this exact pattern when I ordered, so mine has the leaf circles on one side and black and white polka dots on the other (no cute yellow birdies), but I still love it! :

These sites have some great tips on taking photos and/or editing them in Photoshop:

Hubbard's Camera
Vandelay Design
Pioneer Woman

I would love love LOVE to get a trendy camera bag for all of my lenses and everything, and these TOP my list, from Kelly Moore:

The B-HOBO Bag in Mustard {a long strap is essential for a no-hassle transport}

The Kelly Moore Bag in Grey {again, with the wonderful strap}

Anyone onsessed with photo-taking, like me? Have any other sites/blogs/stores for this photography-lover to check out?

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