Weddings Galore!

April was a big month for weddings, at least for planting the seed that blooms into a bunch of beautiful weddings! It seems like so many of my good friends got engaged this month (three to be exact), and there are a few others who are well into their engagement. It is an exciting time, I know. Decisions to make, cake to taste, dresses to try on... I have to admit it was fun when we were planning our wedding, but I am kind of glad it is over and we can watch all of the magic happen (from the sidelines now) for our friends!

My friend Sarah loves J. Crew and I am quite a fan myself. I don't buy a lot of their stuff because I never seem to make it past Nordstrom (hehe). But one thing that I really love about J. Crew is their bridesmaid dresses. I have loved their style since before I was engaged and their collections just keep bringin' it. My friend Rach picked this dress for her bridesmaids and it is simple but classic in silk chiffon, and oh so beautiful.

And the color she chose makes this dress - Spiced Wine!

I just love weddings! And while we are on the topic of weddings, check out Snippet & Ink or 100 Layer Cake, or heck - any of these great wedding blogs/sites for ideas on the big day...or maybe even a fab bridal shower!

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  1. I LOVE That dress! I considered buying it for a wedding we are going to next month, ha! Love the color, too!