Travel Planning Woes

We are planning our trip to Puerto Vallarta and it hit me that this is the first 'international' trip that we have planned on our own. When we studied abroad, that was all planned out for us, as was our honeymoon (we have a great travel agent). So I didnt even know where to turn...internet search engines? Book through the resort itself? Use our travel agent? Well when it was all said and done, I found some great deals online and sent them over to the travel agent to see if she could offer us something comparable (I like the idea of going through her versus paying a website--eek!). So if anyone has suggestions on booking a trip like this -- whether you used Expedia.com, Travelocity.com, your destination's website, an agent, or your own trusty skills -- share with me, please! :)

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  1. Puerto Vallarta sounds so exciting! I've never been to Mexico but almost everyone I know who has been goes with an all-inclusive. I guess it's just convenient and it usually includes excursions and goodies at hotels (i.e.- spa treatments, drinks at the bar, meals, etc.). For our trips I always get a Frommer's book and one of the "Top Ten" guides. The "Top Ten" guides always have really great pull-out maps and do a great job of summarizing the hot-spots and what you should look for there. Depending on how long you're going to be there, I try to plan out the first few days and leave at least one day at the end free because you will likely come across things that you want to do while you're there that you didn't even know about before you got there so I always save those for the last day or two. Hope this helps!