Spring Things

I am beyond ready for warmer weather. In Texas, we are not used to this yucky weather in March, especially not snow and ice and stuff. Houston {thankfully} hasn't seen anymore snow since early December, but the weather is unpredictable to say the least and I am eagerly anticipating warmer weather, longer days, and all of the wonderful things that go with that.

As I posted earlier, we are going to Mexico in May and I have been keeping track of all the things I need want to get for the trip. I will undoubtedly shop a few malls to see what bargains I can find, but on a typical trip to Target last week, I found some great casual stuff at great prices and thought I would share. I went ahead and got a few things; Target usually runs out of my size pretty quick once the general public decides to start buying the newest items, and if I wait then I am stuck envying my friends' great finds :( Here are the items I snatched up so I can cross some of the things off of my list:

Target also has some other great stuff right now that I am still eyeing; I just haven't made the purchases yet! I love their new line of shoes, casual dresses, and cover-ups!

I would definitely check out Target this week though, because some of these prices are only good through the weekend! Happy shopping :)

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  1. I am ready for warmer weather too! I just bought some cute little dresses from Old Navy, but I love the stuff you picked up from Target. And I totally know what you mean about them running out of sizes.